Amnistra offers an extensive array of expert cleaning services aimed at preserving cleanliness and safeguarding property. Our services encompass thorough cleaning of office spaces, storage zones, manufacturing halls, and other sizable premises. Additionally, our team handles the cleaning of exterior spaces.

With Amnistra’s services, clients can concentrate on their business operations while our professionals handle the cleaning tasks. Our adaptable approach to each Partner’s unique requirements ensures that we align the timing and plan of our work scope with the operational and organizational needs of each facility under our care.

Cleaning services include:

Sanitization of offices and spaces within companies and institutions.

Sanitizing production halls, storage facilities, and industrial buildings.

Sanitation of shopping centers and retail outlets.

Upholding hygiene in hotels and restaurants.

Maintenance and cleaning of outdoor spaces and green areas.

Grass cutting, hedge trimming, tree and shrub pruning, and plowing.

Tidying up following construction activities.

Washing windows